Polygraph and forensic solutions for individuals

Forensic science applied to private sector | Polygraph, lie detector for private people

private peoplePrivate people often contact us to inquire about specific cases they are confronted with. Private clients need our services for domestic issues like infidelity, family theft, disputes among family members but also for legal reasons.

We have developed different tailored solutions for this segment of society. Customization is the key word in these types of tests since every case can be different. In our jargon, we call them “specific polygraph tests”.

Depending on the social position some private clients might also require pre-employment polygraphs, especially if they employ, maintenance staff, maids or nannies. Below we will explain more in detail about our solutions for the private sector.

Specific polygraph tests for private clients

Specific polygraph tests are suited for the different stages of life. Life is full of surprises and we never know what situation we can end up being involved in. Folks have contacted B.E.A.R. for a variety of issues. These matters can be due to emotional distress, distrust or simply because they want to prove their innocence.

In fact, a high percentage of the exams we perform for private persons is actively searched for. Individuals decide to submit to such a test. Proving innocence seems to be one of the major reasons why citizens look for our services.

However specific tests are performed for an array of situations like for example:

  • Infidelity suspicion during a relationship
  • Prove fidelity to loved ones
  • Theft of money, goods, valuables
  • Sexual abuse accusations
  • Sexual harassment accusations
  • Drug use or experience test
  • Prove innocence
  • Etc.

Every time somebody is under suspicion or has lost trust in others but is not sure about his or her gut feeling, the polygraph can help solve uncertainty. For more information please contact us.

Pre-employment polygraph tests

Selection and pre-employment have also become an issue for families wanting to protect their loved ones and assets.

Families with little babies or kids that employ care takers for their children want to make sure they are hiring the right people.

This might also be true for wealthy families that employ maintenance staff at their homes. Workers will have access to their goods, loved ones and privacy. Having trustworthy laborers is paramount. Therefore B.E.A.R. FORENSICS offers pre-employment tests to check the suitability of the candidates.

During pre-employment exams, we analyze issues like:

  • Violent background
  • Past references
  • Reasons of past job leave
  • Misbehavior against former cared people
  • Validity of information provided during selection process
  • Misbehavior in past jobs
  • Etc.

For more information about our pre-employment programs please contact us.

Forensic polygraph tests for individuals

Polygraph testDefendant’s or individuals increasingly look for forensic polygraph exams. Either they have been wrongly accused or want to prove they are innocent of false legal accusations.

Forensic polygraph tests are specially designed for legal processes. These exams will explain and support the opinion of the forensic psychophysiologist professional in such a way that counterparts, jury, and judges can understand the result.

The great difference in these exams is that the report is much more elaborated than a normal polygraph exam. The report needs to explain and show the complete process, the techniques, rules as well as the foundation for the final opinion.

Forensic polygraph tests are normally applied to the following issues:

  • Sexual abuse, harassment or rape allegations
  • Victims wrong or false accusations
  • Reopen cases for innocent people wrongfully condemned
  • Etc.

Contact B.E.A.R. FORENSICSFor more information on forensic polygraph please visit the following link or contact B.E.A.R. FORENSICS.

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