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Governments through their agencies apply polygraph tests on a daily base. National security is a major responsibility for governments and the different entities accountable for this matter use the polygraph to help them keep the country safe. Intelligence, army, federal agencies use the polygraph to manage human resources risks but also detect outside threats.

Use of lie detection tests in national security agencies

GovernmentsGovernment agencies apply lie detection tests in an array of fields. Intelligence agencies, port authorities, federal security agencies etc are among the entities that apply this technology. The primary application field is human resources.

Employees may undergo a pre-employment polygraph test before joining the agency but might also submit to periodical tests to ensure they are following policies.

Sometimes personnel might volunteer to undergo a test to clear up matters that occurred while on duty.

Military branches and their use of polygraph

Army, Navy, Air Force might have their own polygraph units. Not only do these units test their own staff but are sometimes called for specific issues within their agencies or forces.

Especially intelligence units of military branches make an abundant use of lie detectors to ensure they are dealing with trustworthy people and staff.

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