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Business, companiesBusinesses, companies request the use of polygraph in different situations. In some countries however the use of this instrument is limited by law in a commercial environment. This is the case in the United States where since 1988 EPPA (Employment Polygraph Protection Act) does not allow private companies to use these tests of their human resources.

There are exceptions in the law, like armored car companies, pharmaceuticals and utility companies, for example, can apply this method during their vetting process.

The use of polygraph in business, companies environment

The use of polygraph tests in the business environment has been used for quite a long time and will continue.

If no law prohibits its use, the employment of lie detector tests is allowed. So, especially in countries with security issues its use has been growing. For example, especially Latin America and Africa have adopted this test in their human resources processes.

Polygraph for human resources recruitment/selection

Business Human ResourcesPre-employment polygraph tests are designed to make sure information volunteered during the selection process was complete and truthful. Resume/curriculum, interviews, and possible background checks will help the company double check information. However, for certain trust positions businesses cannot only rely on these verification instruments and require in-depth investigations.

That is why these companies use polygraph tests in their selection/recruitment process.

The issues analyzed during pre-employment tests normally are:

  • Education background confirmation
  • Verification of professional experience
  • Reasons for quitting a job or company
  • Unlawful behavior on workplace
  • Connection to organized crime
  • Links to competition
  • Involvement in terrorist activities
  • Illegal substance use on workplace
  • Etc.

Business investigations solved with lie detection tests

Sometimes businesses need internal investigations to solve a loss or sabotage. Even after having applied all imaginable security checks and systems, businesses are still confronted to losses, sabotage, espionage and illegal acts from within. In occasions, there is no wrongdoing in part of employees but circumstances might raise suspicions.

Either way, organizations, like every relationship are based on trust and they too wish to get to the bottom of things, to move on with their activity.

In cases of distrust or suspicion businesses require a lie detection test to clear up situations. The most common cases are:

  • Human Resources
  • Money, material theft
  • Industrial espionage
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Power abuse
  • Sabotage, vandalism
  • Code of ethics or internal policies breaches
  • Etc.

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