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Different needs ask for adapted solutions. B.E.A.R. FORENSICS has developed during the years customized programs and solutions for a variety of actors in society. Our solutions have a natural sector which is the justice system. Still, our skills and knowledge are also in demand with commercial entities and the private sector.

We can divide our solutions into three segments:

  • Emotional
  • Legal
  • Trust

The Emotional polygraph program is designed to help people regain confidence and clear doubts that generate negative emotions like jealousy, distrust, shame.

The legal polygraph solution is tailored for legal cases and is normally applied to test the testimony of the different parts.

Trust is paramount in our society and people, companies and other entities apply polygraph prevention or loss recovery tests to increase confidence in their decision-making process.

Although we offer an array of solutions for different situations we will focus on polygraph testing to explain the difference among market segments.

Solutions for justice, private and businesses

SolutionsWe apply our solutions to the justice, business and private sectors. We offer tailored alternatives for the different parts involved in a legal process, companies looking to control their risks and private people watching solve a domestic issue.

We invite you to visit each page of the above-mentioned solutions to find out more about how B.E.A.R. FORENSICS can help in your specific case.

Justice/Law enforcement

Justice and law enforcement are the entities that most use and apply polygraph tests. This practice happens at different levels of law enforcement and legal processes.

For example, it can be used during pre-employment and selection in police recruitment or during a crime investigation.

Justice can adopt this method to test the veracity of someone’s testimony or to surveil parolees.

For more information about polygraph application in justice and Law enforcement please visit the following page.

Solutions for the private sector

Private people look for lie detector professionals in a variety of cases. It can be for domestic reasons, clear up issues in a relationship, test the behavior of young adults with drugs, etc. It can also deal with the protection of loved ones or to protect their assets.

For example, couples wanting to vet the babysitter of their newborn or the caretaker of their elder progenitor.

Also, money, jewelry and other important assets that went missing in somebody’s home can be a source of distrust among family. A polygraph test can help clear up the situation.

If you are a private client and looking for more information please click here.

Solutions for businesses/companies

Businesses, companies, organizations, foundations and other associative entities need trust to function. Depending on the nature and industry of the entity, different trust levels are expected and needed.

We offer a variety of solutions based on companies that can be segmented in:

  • Risk Prevention
  • Risk Control
  • Damage Recovery

B.E.A.R. FORENSICS helps organizations hire and maintain trustworthy people with proven methods that have detected problems before they arise or worsen.

Nevertheless, if damage happens, it is important to take the right actions to prevent or learn from the calamity. In these cases, B.E.A.R. FORENSICS assists these organizations in getting to the bottom of things making sure the information is reliable and true.

For more information on our solutions for businesses click here.

Solutions for governments

Governments also require polygraph technology and psychophysiology professionals to help fulfill their duties.

Individual and national security are among these obligations and governments need to make sure they are using all the possible tools to comply with those duties. Clearance and vetting of public servants is therefore essential and must be taken seriously.

For a complete overview of specific solutions for individuals or professionals you can also visit the following pages:

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