Polygraph for individuals, private people

Lie detector test for individuals | Family affairs, private issues solved with polygraph

Individuals, private peopleIndividuals are often times confronted with situations where important decisions must be taken. Unfortunately, unlike companies, individuals do not always have access to the same technology or just simply ignore the tools available.

However, private people also need to make crucial decisions based on professional expertise. B.E.A.R. FORENSICS offers a variety of programs designed to minimize risk and increase confidence when taking an important resolution.

Polygraph applications for individuals, private people

Polygraph tests have become common use in the private sector. We have singled out some examples of problems we have helped solve for our private clients.

  • Infidelity:

InfidelityWhenever trust becomes an issue within a relationship it is important to tackle the problem before it escalates. B.E.A.R. FORENSICS specializes in using the polygraph to verify truth or deception within personal relationships, giving the couple the opportunity to move on with their lives. (Also read this post about infidelity and lie detector)

  • False Allegations/Confirmation of Innocence:

During many years of use world wide, the Polygraph has proved thousands of individuals innocent of crimes they did not commit and lies they did not tell. B.E.A.R. FORENSICS can help you by testing your honesty in the best way possible and also give you a report you can use for your defense in court or social environment.

  • Drug Use:

Among the first signs of substance abuse is lying to loved ones and people who care. If you suspect someone is using drugs allow B.E.A.R. FORENSICS to help you uncover the problem to get resolution and assistance.

  • Sexual Abuse:

Following additional dedicated training, B.E.A.R. FORENSICS examiners hold specific certifications on the testing of sex offenders and various sexual crimes. Whether you are a victim, have been convicted of a sexual offense or accused of a sexual crime, we will provide you a reliable, honest and empathetic appraisal of the situation.

  • Theft:

Many times theft is a sign of a much larger problem and if you suspect someone of theft, we can help uncover the truth. Likewise, if you have been wrongly accused of theft we can provide an objective clarification by testing your honesty on this issue.

Trust tests for independent workers, freelancers

Independent and freelance workers also suffer from distrust. The lack of trust has a direct impact on the financial result. We summed up some examples how B.E.A.R. can help minimize these losses.

  • Fraud:

Fraud within an organization can be extremely costly. We can test an individual’s honesty in nearly any situation where trust is an issue. Some examples are theft of merchandise or money, forged documents, missing computer information, transfer of information to competitors, misuse of confidential information, industrial espionage, misuse of company resources and much more.

  • Professional Misconduct:

Today’s professional faces huge responsibility as well as liability. There are many cunning people which look to take advantage of a Professional/Client relationship and seek to do your business harm! If you want to clear your name from any professional misconduct, do it with B.E.A.R. FORENSICS polygraph services.

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