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Polygraph test in Switzerland | Lie detector test in English

Polygraph test switzerland

Polygraph test in Switzerland in English? If you are looking for a professional lie detector exam in Switzerland, B.E.A.R. FORENSICS is your best choice. We have been applying polygraph exams all over Europe, in different languages. We can perform tests in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

A professional polygraph test has specific conditions that it needs to comply. This is important to understand when hiring a polygraph examiner. An examiner needs to apply validated techniques so that the reliability of the test can be guaranteed.

Types of lie detection tests

Polygraph Chart

It is important to understand that lie detection exams, polygraph tests have to follow a certain standard procedure to guarantee their reliability.

So, when contracting a polygraph examination, the client must know that a test works as an investigation into an issue. The exam does not analyze individual or random questions. It is therefore critical that the client is able to define the objective of the test with the examiner.

Normally, polygraph tests can be divided into issues like:

  • Infidelity/fidelity/couple
  • Theft/larceny/burglary
  • Sex offense
  • Pre-employment and maintenance polygraph
  • Post-conviction sex offender tests
  • Legal tests
  • Etc.

It is essential for the examiner to understand what the issue of the test is so that he or she can design a proper examination, choosing the appropriate validated technique.

Where to do polygraph tests in English?

Polygraph Test Switzerland

Our examiners are used to perform tests in different locations, normally in large to medium large cities.
We are able to do tests in Switzerland in places like Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Lugano. If you are based in another location, depending on the case our professionals can eventually accommodate.

What is the value, price, cost of a polygraph test?

The price of a polygraph test in Switzerland depends on different variables. When asking for a price quotation please make sure you indicate the following information:

  • Issue of the test (infidelity, theft, legal, etc.)
  • Location where the test has to be performed
  • Number of tests

With this information we can give you an exact value of the cost of the polygraph service.

How to book a lie detection, polygraph test in Switzerland?

If you are interested in booking a polygraph test or lie detection test in Switzerland, please send us a message with the information mentioned above; issue of the test, location and number of tests.

You can use the WhatsApp link at the bottom of the page or use this WhatsApp link, Telegram, phone or Email. You can also use the contact information on this site.

We will get back to you, as soon as possible with all the information needed to perform a polygraph service.

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