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Forensic consultancyThe forensic consultancy has become decisive in for defense lawyers, attorneys. Especially in criminal cases, the burden of proof lays with the accusation, prosecution which apply proven and modern forensic technology.

These highly technical sciences demand expertise that not every lawyer has access to but needs to effectively defend his clients.

That is where B.E.A.R. FORENSICS comes in, we offer technical aid to improve cross-examination of forensic evidence presented by the prosecution.

Forensic consultancy for criminal cases

Forensic consultancy starts with a thorough analysis of case facts. A meticulous dissection of forensic evidence is then realized to spot strengths and weaknesses.

A complete report with the findings is then drawn up and discussed with the defendant’s legal representatives so that cross-examination can be effective and scrupulous.

An adequate defense strategy depends on understanding the legal process and defend the defendant’s rights properly. This, though, can only occur if defense lawyers use admissible tools to vindicate these rights.

What are our fields of expertise?

Forensics or criminalistics have different fields of expertise, some are more popular than others. Crime scene investigation, for instance, has become a popular term among general public due to various television series.

Fingerprints, DNA, ballistics, forensic anatomy, computer forensics, etc. just to mention a few are also known by the general public. There are however other fields that might not be as famous but play an important role in the daily justice system.

B.E.A.R. FORENSICS is primarily a partner in exploring case facts and help formulate strategy and cross-examination questionnaires.

We have a range of experts in different fields like forensic psychophysiology, document forensics, audio forensics, computer and mobile forensics, fire investigation that can help develop forensic reports for the different parties involved in a legal process.

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