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Forensic solutions for society | Polygraph as forensic tool


Forensic servicesOur forensic services program answers to the very specific needs of the different actors in society. Businesses, private customers, justice or governments have different needs but one thing in common: “The need for trust and truth”.

During the years we have tailored our services to the nature of our clients.

Our forensic services in psychophysiology, for example, cover different fields and issues depending on the final client. A private person has different trust issues than a business and the same could be said for the justice system.

Applying forensic science and expertise in the business field ensures that security processes have been thoroughly evaluated and tested. Unfortunately, businesses many times find out too late about their security vulnerabilities. Fraud, theft, and abuse cannot be stopped due to a lack of proof. Here is where we come in.

The justice system is used to deal with technical questions and constantly requires forensic science to help solve cases. However forensic science is often conceived as a one-way street. The evidence is primarily collected and presented by crime lab specialists or police. Defendants do not always have access or know how to use their right of scrutiny. B.E.A.R. FORENSICS is the right partner for defendants to cross examine the official forensic evidence.

Forensic services and investigations

We offer forensic services to different people, entities or companies.

A person that needs to prove his or her innocence, a company that needs to find out which employee stole confidential information or a lawyer that needs to cross examine forensic evidence during a criminal case. They all can use our knowledge, experience, and skills.

We have developed during the years a thorough knowledge of human behavior and legal process and are able to spot weaknesses and reinforce statements and circumstantial evidence.

Forensic consultancy/Criminalistics

Forensic consultancyWe offer forensic consultancy in criminal and civil cases to defendants and their representatives.

In a society that increasingly regulates every part of human life, the line between right and wrong has become thinner. Unfortunately, defendants cannot rely on the fairness of the system and the parts involved. They must ensure they use every tool available to defend their case.

However, in many cases, defense attorneys must cross examine technical reports they do not understand or lack knowledge of.

Chain of custody, ballistics, forensic anatomy, fire investigation, mobile and computer forensics just to mention a few of the domains lawyers, attorneys will be confronted with during their career. These are all fields that request expertise and only experts can effectively challenge and cross examine the technical evidence presented in a trial. Our forensic services program enables an effective cross-examination.

These experts can contribute in different ways. They can help lawyers draw the adequate cross examination questions or be requested as expert witnesses.

However, our experience has shown that many times success resides in using the right defense strategy. That is where forensic consultancy can become a decisive aid for lawyers to set up the right strategy to defend their client.

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Forensic polygraph

Forensic Polygraph

The polygraph instrument and polygraph tests or exams are widely known and used. Still, there is a difference between in the use of this instrument for common issues and its use in a legal framework.

Although there are similarities in the process, forensic polygraph tests need not only to come up with a result and rely on the opinion of the professional but its findings must have a solid foundation.

Adequate techniques, experienced forensic psychophysiologists, accepted scoring methods, etc. must be applied.

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