Mission & Vision

B.E.A.R. Forensics’ Mission & Vision

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Vision statement:

Our vision is to be a dependent partner for our client’s trust and justice needs. We pursue this endeavor by applying the latest state of the art knowledge and skills in forensic science. We seek truth within ethical standards and respect every party involved.

We think that growing globalization together with an increase of migration fluxes will generate a strong demand for an independent partner, specialized in evaluating information volunteered by the different parts. This combined with an increasing distrust in central entities’ information reliability will enhance the need for an independent party that enables trust on a local and individual basis. We strive to be that partner.


Mission statement:

Our mission is to help our clients take better decisions.

We offer our clients an independent opinion about the truthfulness and reliability of the information they base their decisions upon. We achieve this with a thorough examination of the information volunteered by the parties. Modern, sophisticated methods and instrumentation are used to arrive at a scientific result to confirm or refute the information provided.

Contact B.E.A.R.Our clients can be private, commercial companies, governments or the justice system. Any circumstance needing trustworthy and reliable facts from sources will need our services.

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