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Polygraph Testing

Polygraph test. All you want to know!

The polygraph test explained Phases and steps of a polygraph test | Lie detector exam explained Polygraph testing is a process in which a professional expert tests the statement of a person on a specific subject. Also known as lie detector test, polygraph tests are employed and applied all over the world in different fields […]


Human Resources vetting process

Polygraph for vetting process in Human resources Polygraph vetting solutions | Background checks with lie detector Why is polygraph vetting such an interesting tool for human resources? Productive, reliable and trustworthy staff is the basis for a profitable company. That is why businesses spent so much time and resources recruiting the right employees. This as w […]


Infidelity lie detector

Lie detector for infidelity issues Infidelity lie detector | Couples test cheating with polygraph Infidelity lie detector is a growing demand and there is a good reason for this. Emotions are an important part of human life and love is one of the strangest. Love is also one of the strongest emotions and one of […]

Polygraph justice

Polygraph in the legal system?

Polygraph testing in the legal, justice system Lie detector use in justice system | Polygraph legal frame The legal system use of polygraph tests has caused controversy since its very first intent. Peer review and lack of scientific foundation were the main objections when first denied in the case United States vs. Frye in 1921. […]

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