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Banks, by nature, need to be very conservative with the values they are managing for their clients and converesly, bank client need to know that their money is in trustworthy hands. However, on a daily basis, literally thousands of banknotes and coins change hands, be it through physical manipulation or wire transfers.

Although strict security rules are in place in almost all banks, problems do occur. Bank management needs to handle these incidents with determination so the perpetrators and everybody in the bank understands that fraudulent practices will not be accepted by the entity

Submitting involved employees to a specific issue polygraph would be an strong message to everybody.

Many times and especially for positions where everyday, thousands of transactions, involving millions of dollars or euros, occur, and where the information handled is worth considerable amounts of money, it is important to have people with the highest standards of ethics.

That is why banks want to make sure that they are hiring the right people to begin with. A pre-employment polygraph program could help the bank filtering the bad from the good employees and in this way prevent future losses.




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